What to Expect During Your Newborn Session

That time is finally here, that moment you’ve been waiting 9 months for… YOUR NEWBORN SESSION!  Newborn sessions are my favorite and I cannot wait to get you and your new babe in my studio!  Don’t worry though, I understand this is probably one of your first big outings since having your baby.  I want to help you be as prepared as possible for your session.  Here are some basic things to expect during your newborn session.

Before Your Session

what to expect during your newborn session

It is really hard to schedule your newborn session BEFORE the baby arrives.  They really like to come whenever they want!  When you book me as your newborn photographer, I only put your due date on my calendar.  I do not schedule the actual session date until after the baby is born.  Before you leave the hospital, please contact me and let me know your little bundle of joy is here!  (Feel free to attach a picture so I can gush and awww over it until your session!)  We will pick a date within the next two weeks that is best for your session.  I really prefer to do newborn sessions that early because they are still adjusting to the outside world and spend a lot of the day time sleeping.  Also, they are still very flexible and love to curl up into positions!

Since babies sense what we are feeling and this may be one of your first outings with a newborn, you do not need to rush around.  I completely understand if you are running late!  Please, just keep me informed of your arrival.  A simple text saying, “Hey we are running 15 minutes late!” is all I ask.  I am being generous with this, but please do not take advantage of this.  I allow this to create a relaxed, stressless experience.  But if you are over an hour late, without any warning, I will have to fall back onto my contract for lateness. 

My studio is jam packed with props.  I have bins stuff and my walls covered with almost anything we need for your session.  I have all that covered, but if you have something specific you want to incorporate, please let me know ahead of time!  Also, I never discourage bringing props to your session.  However, try to limit yourself in only brining props that have very special meanings.  Again, let me know ahead of your session and we can discuss what photographs best for your session!

Try to have at least one other person there with you during the shoot.  I will doing most of the work, but I may need a spotter for safety reasons. I like to have my sessions be as relaxing as possible for the Mom, so I will be putting your helper to work!  Session can last anywhere from two to four hours.  I usually stop any rough session after four hours.  If your babe chooses not to sleep, I will do my best to rock those wide awake shots!  Just remember, not all positions are safe with an awake babe. 

If you opted for family pictures too, your hands will mostly be in the shot.  I suggest your nails and hands be clean.  A full manicure is not necessary, but I advise to remove any chipped nail polish!

During Your Session

what to expect during your newborn session

When you first arrive to my studio, you will probably notice it is extremely warm!  I will also have a portable heater next to my setups.  Your baby will usually have their clothes off for most of the session, so crank the thermostat up to over 80 degrees!  Newborns just spent nine months in a temperature controlled environment of 98 degrees.  I want to give them that same feeling during their session to make them as comfortable as possible.

Be prepared for multiple feedings; newborns sleep better with a full tummy.  Around day 10, some babes go through a growth spurt and eat all day.  Sometimes that day happens during our session.  If you are breastfeeding, I do have private areas where you can nurse.  Depending on how far you are traveling, I recommend feeding your baby right before you leave and then prepare to feed a little bit more when you arrive.

If you want those cute naked baby shots, don’t worry!  I am fully prepared to get peed on!!  I shoot my sessions in yoga pants or leggings and a tshirt! I always have alternative blanket options in case the props get too soiled to use.   

After Your Session

what to expect during your newborn session

Once your session is over, I go through and choose about 25-30 images and start the editing process.  I will ask if I see any birthmarks or stork kisses if you want those removed, lightened or left alone.  I do edit out any baby acne and flakey skin in portrait images.  However, in close up, detailed images, I will leave some imperfections.  You can expect to receive your images back in about three weeks.  Newborn sessions do take me a little longer to edit due to the skin smoothing process. 

To view how to use PASS to view and download your images, read here!

How to Use PASS After Your Session

I cannot wait to welcome your new family to my studio and snuggle that fresh babe! 

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